Wellcome to GRAMMOS S.A. Company

GRAMMOS S.A. was founded on May 11, 1999. The company's seat is in the municipality of Filiata, prefecture of Thesprotia.

GRAMMOS S.A. operates as an integrated fish farming unit in two sea parks, "A" and "B", of a total sea surface of 1.5 acres and 2.25 acres respectively, in the Hasomeri area, Lorida Sagiadas, of the Prefecture of Thesprotia. The capacity of these parks is 550 tons.

The company was founded with specific purposes
  • The use of the aquatic (and non-aquatic) resources in the field of fishing, as well as the distribution and processing of fish
  • The use and import of materials and machinery. The production and trade of products relevant to the business of fish farming and similar activities.
  • The production, fattening, trade, and packaging of fish for the establishment of fish farming units, fish hatchery stations and facilities for the packaging and trade of fish.
  • The production of animal products and by-products based on animal aquatic and non-aquatic organisms.